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DOS Programming (May 26, 2022)

Yikes, I haven't made another blog post in a hot minute. Well, I guess I should go fix that.

Anyways, earlier this month I was playing around with making my own homebrew DOS game. One that actually supports CGA. Most of the DOS programming tutorials I can find online are all "VGA this, VGA that" but there's practically nothing about programming for CGA or EGA (the latter of which is of course what my website is themed after). At least Dangerous Dave understands my frustration.

But, there's an interesting reason for all this: Most of the DOS programming tutorials I can find actually come from a point of time in which the World Wide Web existed, but DOS was still being widely used. Hence they only cared about VGA since the tutorials were more about programming for something that's current (well, what was current in the late 90's) as opposed to programming for retro stuff. Another factor may be that VGA is easier to program for and honestly, if you want to get into making DOS homebrew you should learn VGA first before trying CGA or EGA since VGA is better for getting started with.

Maybe I could make my own CGA or EGA programming tutorials to make up for the lack of existing tutorials.

Beginning of May (May 1, 2022)

I just released a new version of Commander Cool 1: Where's My Bears?. The download link on the games page has been updated to reflect the new version. In addition, there's been a slight tweak to my website's CSS.

Also, at some point I forgot what the 5th month was called.

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