A Very Hiatus Christmas (December 15, 2022)

I think it's just going to be the norm to skip a few months every now and then at this rate. I guess I might as well mention a few things that happened recently.

Last month, I attempted to record footage of the first level of my Chex Quest mod Bazoik Revisited, so I could give everyone a small taste of my mod. The recorded footage unfortunately had technical issues that made it look all choppy, but maybe sometime I can do another attempt at making the gameplay preview.

Yesterday, I released some footage of a prototype for a homebrew port of Dangerous Dave to the NES. This project actually started back in December of 2020 but there was a hiatus for about two years due to me getting too frustrated trying to figure out the cause of a slowdown. I since discovered that I can make it run faster by changing multiple instances of multiplication and division to bit-shifting, and on top of that a function I was using turned out to be redundant and just cause slowdown because another function already did the same thing as a side effect. This project is actually written in C thanks to a special C compiler for the NES, but it might help to rewrite some bits of code in assembly at some point. Anyways, here's the footage in question:

New Comic (July 21, 2022)

Today marks the launch of the previously unknown comic made by me and Plerb: "Collision Code", a webcomic featuring a crossover with an unusual combination of video game characters.

It's kind of in a rough state right now, as only the first comic is done and not everything is necessarily final, so it might not be until a bit later when things really get going.

Skipping a Month (July 2, 2022)

Oops, looks like I skipped the whole month of June. I think I'll just merge April and May in the archive.

Anyways, I recently published my second released YTP. This one was started closer to its release date, unlike my first one which was in my backlog since 2019 but didn't get released until 2022. It's based on an old promotional video for the AdLib sound card, and as far as I know, I'm the first person to poop this video. View it here:

There's also a comic that's a collaboration between me and my brother that's set to be launched on July 21st, 2022 if things don't get pushed back.

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