Chex Quest Related Stuff (August 18, 2023)

I've been doing two interesting things relating to Chex Quest this month.

The first thing that happened this month is that Chex Quest: Bazoik Revisited finally hit beta! This means that all the levels and their primary songs are done, but it still needs further testing and revision, as well as creating some extra music and graphics that I still want before it's considered "finished". I'm hoping it will reach full completion this year, but if not, I may consider doing a public beta.

The second thing going on related to Chex Quest this month is something called "Chex Quest 3: Vanilla Edition". Basically, it's an attempt to port Chex Quest 3 (including both the remastered CQ1/CQ2 maps as well as the new CQ3 exclusive maps) to vanilla doom2.exe using just DeHackEd, but also including stuff like a UMAPINFO lump for a more proper episode selection in supported source ports. Chex Quest 3 had always been the more recommended modding base for Chex Quest modding, but the fact that it was a ZDoom-exclusive could've turned some people off of it and just stick to Chex 1. My hope is that having a vanilla-compatible version would encourage more Chex 3 based mods. Vanilla Chex Quest 3 will be able to act as both an IWAD and a PWAD for Doom II, depending on which would work best for a particular source port. It also will include the Super Large Zorcher from Samsara and proper non-invisible replacements for the rest of the Doom / Doom II powerups, although they will only be extra resources for mods and not added to Chex Quest 3's base levels, and with the SLZ it can also be obtained through cheating.

Also, something that's indirectly Chex Quest related that I did this month was join the Doomworld forums. I haven't posted there yet.

Button (February 14, 2023)

I made a button for my website! If you like collecting those little site buttons and you enjoy my website, then here's one you could add to your collection:

Melodic Spaceship Button

I might even start my own button collection some time, probably mainly to add buttons of whoever wants to add my button.

Website Font Update (January 29, 2023)

As you've probably noticed before, my website is themed around MS-DOS, with all the styling colors being from the EGA palette. Well, I just made an update that makes it MORE like DOS!

This site now uses a font that's a recreation of the VGA system font, which was made by VileR and can be found here. Some of the text styling was also adjusted to better fit this new font. If you don't see it, please do a hard refresh of this page.

In addition, I also added a "Website Credits" section to my "About" page.

First Blog Post of 2023 (January 20, 2023)

Happy belated new year everyone! To celebrate, I'd like to mention something I released this year. Or rather, a preview of something.

To promote my upcoming Chex Quest mod "Bazoik Revisited" I released the music for the first level, "Crater Landing". If you've read my December blog post you'll know that I was originally going to release gameplay footage of me playing through the first level. However, I changed my mind about that and decided that it would be better to just release the music of the first level as a preview instead. You can listen to it here:

I might still release a gameplay preview at a later point when the mod gets a bit further in development, though.

As a bonus, I also publicly revealed the logo for the mod, due to it being used in the music upload. I used the "Quantum Flat BRK" font for the "Bazoik Revisited" subtitle. Here's the small version of the logo used for the M_DOOM graphic replacement:

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