Current version: RC4.1

Source port version

If you would prefer to play it in your favorite source port, this is what you should use. Just extract the contents of the ZIP into the folder where you keep the WADs for the port you want to play in. This should run in any Doom source port, except for the modern one that Bethesda packages with the current re-releases of Doom. Crispy Doom may have issues running it as an IWAD, so if it does you may need to use the "-noautoload" and "-nosideload" command line parameters. If you use GZDoom, then Chex® Quest 3: Vanilla Edition will likely show up in the game list if you put the files in the correct folder, thus you won't need to drag-and-drop, just select it from the game menu.

DOS version

If you want to play this in DOSBox or on a DOS computer, this is what you'll want. Note that you'll need to run INSTALL.BAT before playing, and it's also recommended to run SETUP.EXE first to configure the sound card and controls.

Modding version

This is similar to the source port version except that the main WAD is based on Doom 2 instead and only contains dummy levels. This is not interesting to play by itself as it's intended only for modders and people wishing to play a mod that requires it. If you are interested in modding, it's recommended that you also read the modding guide.

Old versions

These are only provided for historical reasons. It's not recommended that you use these for any serious playing anymore. For more detailed information about the changes between these versions, check out the changelog included in the above downloads.

Chex® Quest 3: Vanilla Edition is unofficial and claims no association with General Mills, who owns Chex™ and Chex® Quest. Hosted by the Melodic Space Station.