Stuff about my games. Most of them are mods of other games, some of which may need DOSBox to run.

Completed Games

Commander Cool 1: Where's My Bears?

Kris Cruz's teddy bears were stolen by martians, and now he must get them back!

In-Development Games

Commander Cool 2: Teddy Bears in Space

After rescuing his own bears, Commander Cool finds a big martian space ship, and decides he must rescue more teddy bears!

Chex Quest: Bazoik Revisited

Set in between the events of Chex Quest 2 and 3, Fred Chexter needs to go back to Bazoik and explore the planet's Manufacturing and Resort to activate the Ultra-Zorcher and make Bazoik safe again!

Will also feature Zorchmatch levels as a bonus.

Yoc Hack (working title)

A yoshi raised by humans named Yoc ends up at the Yolk Islands and finds that he needs to save them!

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