This page contains information about some of my music. This includes my originals and substantially changed up remixes.


A Surprising Urban Event

An original song I made specifically to show off my skills when it comes to original music. Source FTM can be downloaded here.

Remixes and Mashups

Krile Jazz

This is a jazzy remix of the Krile leitmotif from the Commander Keen mod Atroxian Realm. It also happens to be the second video on my channel, and the first to be uploaded after my channel's dormancy period.

Was nominated for the 2021 Keen Awards, but didn't win.

Yet Another SMW Remix

A remix of Super Mario World's overworld theme (as the title suggests). The title comes from the fact that there were many remixes of the same song before it. Comes in NES and Gameboy flavors!

This has absolutely no relation to a similarly named ROM hack.

Film Party

The "Cinema" music from Chex Quest 2, but in a techno-dance style.

Chex Quest - Caverns of Bazoik GameBoy Remix

Exactly what the title suggests. This happens to be my first creation in Little Sound DJ.

Rick Roller VRC6

A mashup of Chex Quest 3's CQ Final (Meteor Spaceship) music with Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, which I released as an April Fool's Day joke. It was inspired by this earlier joke upload by a Chex Quest music channel.

Also, you may notice that towards the end of the video, the copyright changes to say "playstation is better than xbox". This is in reference to a vandalism that occured on the Meteor Spaceship page on the Doom Wiki.

Welcome To A Kick In The Pants In Yoshi's Island

"Welcome To A Kick In The Pants In Good Old Hillville" from Commander Keen 4 combined with the "Athletic Theme" from Yoshi's Island, in the style of the former. This is also featured in the 2023 Keen mod Foray in the Forest.

Unused Cave

A mashup of "The Cave" from SuperTux 0.1.3 and "Caverns of Bazoik" from Chex Quest. I think most people finding this on YouTube are unaware that it's actually a mashup with a song from another game, though the fact that it's presented in a manner similar to a SiIvaGunner video should hint that something's off about it.

What helps this be more convincing is that SuperTux actually does have unused versions of some of its songs. This includes some seemingly Milestone 2 exclusive songs having unused Milestone 1 counterparts!

Forest Prophecy reEducated Drum Remix

A remix of Forest Prophecy reEducated by Tobias "ToBeFree" Frei (which in of itself was a remix of three songs by Wansti, the composer of SuperTux) that adds drums.

To add the drums, I had to use a MIDI for reference. There seemed to be no released MIDI of the song, however, I did find a music sheet for it, so I manually transcribed the music sheet into a MIDI using Rosegarden. This MIDI was actually originally made to act as a reference for an 8-bit cover of the song, which can be found here.

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